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Scientific & Technological Innovation

Based on the basic mode of "Integrated R&D and Collaborative Innovation", we comprehensively integrate resources of the enterprises, universities, and research institutes. Aiming at marketization and industrialization, we specialize in new product research and development, and the development of key technological breakthrough and application. Our R&D covers renewable energy, smart power grid, water treatment, power generating equipment, power tools, ships, garments, textiles, and other important businesses fields.

we have set up sustainable research and development mechanisms and platforms based on the below research centers: National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center, National Industrial Design Center, National Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, SINOMACH New Energy Research Institute, Jiangsu Power Tool Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Solar Energy Power System Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu New Energy Power Tool Engineering Technology Center & Power Generating Equipment Technology Research Center, Textile and Garment Technology R&D Center, and Ship Engineering Design & Research Center. All of these have formed sustainable R&D mechanisms and platforms. 

National Center for Engineering Research
National Industrial Design Center
National Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation
Nationally recognized laboratories (CNAS)
Technical platforms above the provincial level

R&D Achievements

We have obtained nearly 300 science and technology patents, including more than 80 invention patents.

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